..because there must be more to life than buying stuff.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Renting Rims: The Decline of Western Civilization

At first I had a hard time figuring out how such economically challenged parents were able to afford such fancy rims on their cars. I watched the school parking lot of a poor school with very poor students as parents pulled up rolling on thousands of dollars worth of wheels. "That's where the money goes," I thought. I happen to know that some of these students don't have computers or even books at home. But their daddy has blingy wheels. Nice.

Check this out, folks: Rent-A-Wheel. You don't need credit. Just a job. Care to take a guess where they place these stores in the cities in which they franchise? Care to guess what the interest rates are? Am I blaming this company for something? Nope. Read my last entry about McDonald's. They're just filling a need brought on by a lack of good priorities in a part of our culture. We'd all be better off with fewer flashy rented rims and more books.

And we only have ourselves to blame.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pound Another Big Mac Down Your Gullet

Oh, you know you want to, and so does McDonald's. According to a report by the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity:

It costs 8 cents more to purchase a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese, small French fries, and small Coke (890 calories) separately than to buy the Quarter Pounder with Cheese large Extra Value Meal, which comes with a large fries and large Coke (1,380 calories). "McDonald's actually charges customers more to buy a smaller, lower-calorie meal," Wootan said.

This is admittedly an odd case, but you can see through to the heart of the problem (clogged with fat, though it may be): Americans believe that more is better, and damn the consequences. McDonald's should not be blamed. If they didn't offer more calories for the dollar, the joint next door would. Quit asking for it and they'll stop giving it to you.

Life is not about consuming the most consumables for the cheapest price! How about quality, healthiness, diversity, and moderation?

If you're reading this you probably already agree. However, if you found this blog while searching for food to fill your never-ending hunger, head to the nearest McDonald's and pound another Big Mac down your gullet. The fat will leave a nice waxy coating over your nagging sense of needfulness.